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We're a student leadership and team building program for middle - high school students. Students are tasked with identifying a social cause that impacts their lives, school, and/or communities. They are placed in key leadership roles on a Scrum Team to develop a solution. They build out the solution from concept to full blown web application and present it through a Demo Day.

Students Build Web Apps that Solve a Real-World Problem and Make a Real-World Social Impact - (See Pothole Demo Below)

Fix Our Pothole Web App – Demo Site

Students at Fictitious Middle School want a more active role in their community. They decided the street potholes are causing safety and financial concerns for the residents. They decide to develop a web app that brings awareness to their concerns, identifies all the potholes in their community, and sends an email alert to the Mayor's office to address the issues. The website must provide users the ability to submit pictures of potholes. In addition, it will give history of the community and educational information about potholes. Finally, the campaign and content should be easy to share and promote on social media.

Students learn good foundational software engineering practices using the Scrum Framework, as well as grow through a positive personal development experience.

Scrum is a lightweight framework for managing software development, and a great way to prepare students for the 21st century skilled workforce

Collaboration & Team Building
Through Scrum Sprints, Students work together in a productive and enjoyable way to accomplish a common creative goal, while focusing only on tasks they enjoy most.
Student Driven
Sprint Planning Meetings makes it easy for students to take the lead. The will determine what they work on, know how and why they have to do something, why their role is important, as well as importance of the entire team.
Deeper Learning
Working on a Scrum Sprint, students experience what it’s like to truly collaborate, work together, be accountable, use their creativity, solve problems, think outside the box, self-organize, and develop higher level thinking.
SCRUM Overview by Urban Turtle Play Review Scrum in 120 sec.
Students Develop 21st Century Skills
Deeper Learning, Creativity, Collaboration, Communications, Diversity, Accountability, Critical Thinking, and Teamwork

Based on their interests and personal qualities, students will be broken out in 8 – 10 groups that represent the various roles on a SCRUM Team. Students will take the lead and do their own in-depth research to execute their tasks, as well as collaborate with others through various team building activities to successfully launch their web app.


Students Assume Key Leadership Roles & Collaborate through Multiple Team Building Activities


Website Owner
Responsible, Influential, Committed, Knowledgeable, Communicator
Scrum Master
Responsible, Influential, Committed, Knowledgeable, Communicator
Business Analyst
Listener, Problem Solver, Communicator, Analytical, Critical Thinker
UX/UI Designer
Creative, Analytical, Understand User-Behavior, Detailed Oriented
Content Writer
Excellent grammar, punctuation, writing, communicator, Researcher, Analytical
Graphic Designer
Creative, Like to Draw, Color Sense, Deadline Driven, Attention to Detail
Software Developer
Analytical, Detailed Oriented, Problem Solver, Multi-Tasker, Critical Thinker
Media Specialist/Film Editor
Film Editing, Creative, Deadline Driven, Analytical
User Acceptance Tester
Conflict Resolution, Customer Care, Analyze Results, Troubleshooter
Customer Support Analyst
Conflict Resolution, Multi-task, Patient, People Oriented, Positive Attitude
Social Media Analyst
Like Selling, Excellent Communicator, Marketing, Motivational
Search Engine Optimization Analyst
Market Research, Analytical, Promotion, Leadership
Server Administrator
Analyze Logs, Troubleshooter, Technical, Conflict Resolution
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Plan, Work, Learn, and Validate in Small Chunks of Time Using the Service Learning Canvas

Working in Sprints using a Service Learning Canvas (SLC), focused teams unleash creativity, adapt through fast learning cycles, collaborate through team building activities, and iterate towards success. Students stay motivated as they consistently see work getting done in small increments until final web application is completed.

Time-boxed iterations. Each Sprint produces a potentially shippable increment of value until final product is completed.

Service Learning Canvas

Building Web Apps with a Social Impact

Students will use the Service Learning Canvas to create a set of hypothesis that they will set out to validate in short cycles using the Scrum Framework. With each small cycle, students deliver value to the community, get feedback on their goals, and validate their assumptions - students get much quicker feedback without having to wait to the end of the semester or year.


Multiple Layouts

There are multiple layouts and design templates for students to choose from when designing their site. They will use individual creativity to determine how the final site will look and function.

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6
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