Most of us expect our kids to go off to college, however, for many students, the process of deciding where to go can quickly become a daunting task.  Why?  Possibly because there are over 2,200 colleges and universities in the U.S., and each school has its own set of admission requirements.  Even after narrowing down the list – trying to research each one can be quite time consuming, and intimidating.

Did you know that research shows that if students invest time and effort in creating a list of eight to ten schools that they have RESEARCHED WELL and would like to attend, and the list is balanced for both affordability and selectivity, it’s very likely they will go to college? This may seem far-fetched, but it’s true.

Great News! Now, we can assist your student get through those tedious, but necessary preliminary steps quicker so that they can begin and complete the college research process sooner. One of the biggest benefits to you and your student is our Time-Saver advantage.

Our IdealStudent Engagement package includes – 5 detailed Infographics with a visual overview of the various characteristics and factors that uniquely define them, a skill building timeline, and a wealth of information about college choices. And the good news is you get all of this for a minimal cost of $59.99.

A summary of the package appears below:

  1. Engagement Overview

Summary of all material in your student’s package

  1. Student Profile page

A page specifically devoted to assisting your student with thinking about and composing their personal mission and vision statements, as well as identifying and compiling a list of their talents, passions, and goals, written in their own words.

  1. Student Resume

What better way to maintain a record of your child’s accomplishments, successes and extra-curricular activities than by building a resume that can be continuously updated as required. Not only will it be a readily available summary of accomplishments for any occasion, but it can easily highlight any areas that need further development.

  1. Student Academic Timeline w/ Recommendations

Every academic grade has a corresponding timeline with step-by-step actionable tasks your child can do to stay ahead of the curve. We take it one step further by also providing additional customized recommended tasks, including websites specific to their interest, recommended books and activities in their area of interest, and organizational tips.

  1. One Destination College, Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive information on admission from your selected destination college, including admission requirements and deadlines, early and regular admission rates, GPAs, Financial Aid, & Much Much More!

By using Insightful Decisions, you will save an abundance of time and assist your child in making quality decisions that will favorably impact their future academic and career success.


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