What Does Your Teens IDEALStudent Trajectory Path Look Like?

Our mobile app and STEAM programs assist students in taking more proactive, leadership, and engaging roles in their development process so they can align their everyday decisions with their trajectory earlier in life, be more successful students, and college and career ready. Ultimately, becoming the best version of themselves, or what we call, "IDEALStudent".

IDEALStudent is a term we coined, and refers to teens who have a plan and path comprised of specific steps that lead to their ideal learning outcomes.

We show students how to identify and develop the characteristics and traits aligned with their trajectory so they can strive to become the best version of who they want to be, or what we call, the IDEALStudent.

Our products and services foster:


Students are both the owners and drivers of the process to develop the characteristics and traits that uniquely define their individual skill set.


We develop tools that put emphasis on the whole student, not just select pieces that make up the whole student..


Students develop 21st Century skills such as Deeper Learning, Creativity, Collaboration, Communications, Diversity, Accountability, Critical Thinking, and Teamwork..

we provide the Insight, and empower our students to make the Decisions 

We believe, as a student's trajectory becomes clearer, they will be better equipped to identify and take advantage of the daily opportunities placed in front of them.

Our IDEALStudent Product & Services

we provide the insight and empower teens to make right decisions

  • IDEALStudent Academy
  •     IDEALStudent App    
IDEALStudent Academy

IDEALStudent Academy

we HIGHLIGHT the 'T' in STEAM!

IDEALStudent Academy mission is to expose and convert students from passive to active users of technology through our curriculum that prepares them to be the doers, thinkers, designers, and innovators in our digital economy.

We live in the Digital Age. Most students know how to be entertained with technology, but not many can innovate, design, build or create with it to solve complex problems. These are not "nice to have" skills, they are "must have" skills.

    IDEALStudent App    

IDEALStudent App

The compass for the best you

Our app is a 360 Tool for the student to navigate all the various aspects of becoming the IDEALStudent by allows them to build out and manage the multitude of activities on their todo list while building out their trajectory path for college and life.


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IDEALStudent is a term we coined that refers to a student who has learned how to identify and develop the characteristics and traits that will lead them to academic and professional success.

Goal Oriented

IDEALStudent understand the importance of clearly defined SMART goals as a true driver of success


IDEALStudent encourages having a plan of specific steps to accomplish their goal


IDEALStudent creates a compass that leads to ideal colleges, learning experiences, and careers


Veatrice Glenn

Vea graduated with a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University and has worked professionally as a software developer for the past 20+ years. She stepped out, and launched her own startup full time, Insightful Decisions, Inc., She is the sole founder and CEO. She is also an advocate of continuous learning and is very active in the startup community to stay informed of the latest and best practices.

In addition to being a software developer, and entrepreneur, she is also a parent who humbly wears all her titles. Vea is passionate about our youth, technology, and developing ed-tech solutions that enable them to reach their fullest potential while developing skills needed for college and the 21st century workplace. This will allow them to better understand and align their own trajectory path with their everyday decisions, college aspirations, and life.

Vea has worked extensively with diverse learners from underserved communities, some with learning disabilities, limited and advanced technical training, as well as teens from some of the top schools throughout the chicagoland area.

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